Hi. Thanks for dropping by. Coaching is all about YOU not me – but sometimes my clients like to know a little bit about me before we start working together. My name is Jo and I am a professional LIFE COACH & MENTOR (IAPC&M accredited). I have a background, qualifications and over 25 years of proficiency in business, sales & marketing, psychology, hypnotheraphy & counselling; also hatha and astanga yoga, meditation and energy work/massage.

I love the life I have because I’ve created it that way; working and growing on many levels to find true happiness, purpose, peace and success. So much in life is possible when we learn how and my passion now is coaching people like yourself towards your happiness, your success and a life you really love and want; into welcoming joy, fulfilment, freedom, abundance, great relationships and whatever else is important to you into your life. Choosing the right coach for yourself is important – so here’s a little more on my background to help you decide if you’d like us to work together.


Jo Shrimpton grew up in Somerset, studied Business and Marketing at University and from a young age worked and travelled around the world merging corporate work, her own inner growth & the ancient tradition of yoga in her search for understanding inner happiness and personal success. She’s lived and worked all over the globe including the UK, Hong Kong, Malaysia, The South of France, India, Mustique and South Africa and has over 25 years of experience working for international corporates, SME’s and private clients. Jo blends both learned and conscious wisdom with professional coaching and mentoring methods to help clients love their lives as well as achieve and manifest their goals and dreams. She coaches and mentors in person and via Skype or phone internationally. Jo loves nature, the ocean, yoga & meditation, sunsets, laughter, healthy living, good friendships and helping her clients achieve true happiness and success.