Coaching  programs

Life coaching

VIP One Year

The ultimate coaching package that ensures life changing results in all areas of your life and career

Life coaching

VIP Six Months

A fully comprehensive package that enables ground breaking results in your life, career, relationships or specific goals

Life coaching

Three Month Jump Start

A great program to jump-start positive change and increase happiness and success in your personal and business life

Life coaching

Coaching Introductory Program

A short and affordable program to get you on the road to fast-tracking personal or business success
Life coaching

Business Success - Coaching & Mentoring

This program is for you if you are ready for coaching support and have a strong primary focus on growth and success within your working life or business.

Life coaching

Raising Consciousness and Happiness

A strongly conscious program focused on raising self awareness  and presence; releasing suffering, heightening energy, vibration and inner happiness – as well as manifestation, self realisation and consious work or relationships