VIP One Year


The ultimate coaching package that enables life changing results in all areas of your life and career


  • This is perfect if you strongly want life changing results in all areas of your life
  • The highest level bespoke conscious business and life coaching, mentoring and support possible
  • A program that enables heightened happiness and success, attainment of your goals and a life of new insights and opportunities.

This program is ideal if you are looking to achieve big goals or transformation in many areas of your life or if you simply want a truly bespoke and exclusive level of service, coaching and attention tailored to your needs over a longer timeframe.

The program encourages intrinsic and extrinsic happiness; it helps those who need it break through patterns, thoughts or beliefs currently preventing their success and happiness as well as supporting those already successful, fine-tune their lives and business/work goals.

This level of coaching is open to all but particularly suited to CEO’s, directors, business owners, those at the top of their profession or wanting to get there; those seeking or undergoing big change or those ready to live a life they truly aspire to.

What’s Included:

  • An initial 2hr consultation with Jo to look in depth at where you currently are in your life, what may be holding you back, what’s really important to you and what you want to achieve in full detail.
  • 3 x one hour telephone or skype coaching/mentoring sessions per month or a total of 36 hours of coaching per year – available in full or half hour slots as needed.
  • Full support, motivation, inspiration and encouragement to keep you on track and fast forward you into the happiness and success in your life that YOU really want.
  • Full support in strategically planning projects and timeframes
  • Access to a range of very effective coaching recordings that highly enhance your breakthrough of any negative beliefs, thoughts or behaviors that might be holding you back AND fast-track your success and happiness.
  • Priority email / messaging access to Jo between sessions and priority 24-hour response for one additional ‘emergency’ 15-minute telephone session a week (not including weekends and bank holidays)
  • Full re-cap post each coaching session of what has been discussed, your breakthroughs, actions planned, agreed and committed to in the following weeks towards your goals and happiness.
  • End of the year meet / lunch to celebrate your progress and your success; your heightened self-awareness, your increased wealth, better health, improved happiness and relationships.