Testimonials and Praise

Jo is an incredible life coach and mentor and has been a driving force in my life. She has a soothing and centering energy alongside a dynamic approach to her work – making it absolutely invaluable.

She is a detail-oriented, multi-skilled, experienced and talented professional with high emotional intelligence. I am hugely grateful & appreciative for the immense help and support that she has provided me in our sessions and in my life. Jo always listens carefully and asks penetrating questions, which challenge you and ultimately result in productive outcomes. She has a unique, transparent and authentic spirit, which is reflected in her coaching and mentoring; also, a grounded, caring and insightful nature that enables her to guide and direct you in your life effectively when you need it.

Through our work together, Jo has enabled me to shift my perspective in many areas of my personal and working life. She has helped me to create a clear vision of my own, understand where my values stand and enabled me to work towards my dreams and goals, in alignment with the lifestyle I desire. As a result of this, I am much more content and re-connected to myself, as well as to my core values.  

I feel that I have achieved tremendous amounts of personal growth with Jo; she helped me to prioritise and set attainable goals as well as restore my personal faith in life, in trusting myself and in moving forward in absolute belief that my dreams and ambitions are achievable.

I would highly and wholeheartedly recommend working with Jo. Her time and expertise are priceless and definitely worth the investment.  

Julia, UBS London

As someone whose life is often of public interest, confidentiality to me is essential; consequently, having someone like Jo, who is 100% trustworthy, impartial, warm and unique to communicate with re: work and personal matters is priceless.

Daniel – London

Jo’s a natural coach and mentor; personally, I think she was born to do this. She’s a beautiful soul with a wisdom, consciousness, understanding and deep experience of life that makes you feel strongly understood, held and heard. She’s extremely easy to talk to and very authentic; quickly unraveling issues in your thinking and energy and enabling you to see barriers within you that you haven’t noticed before. Jo’s enabled me to make important changes in my thinking and actions as well as access more joy and success in my life, business and in the charity, work I do with others.

On a day to day coaching level – Jo’s deeply reliable; warm and motivating. She’s achieved and manifested some amazing dreams and goals in her life and now seems to just love helping others grow and do the same! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Entrepreneur & Business owner – Cape Town. SA

I’ve been coached and mentored by Jo for many years; both on and off the yoga mat in the UK and Internationally. Her approach is unique; highly conscious and wise yet also very grounded and practical. The combination is highly effective and she has helped me grow, appreciate and understand myself and life more fully. Thanks to Jo I’ve been able to make some incredible shifts both physically and mentally and speed up my ability to achieve and manifest in my personal and business life. Her understanding of the mind / body and soul, how they work, can struggle and ultimately can flow together is unmatched by anyone else I’ve met.

Aisha – London, UAE, LA

Jo has positively supported me through some very challenging work and personal issues as well as coach me through more relaxed times. She’s helped me feel find strength and grounding where needed yet at other times learn, grow, focus, open, achieve and create. Working with Jo I’ve raised my Self Awareness and improved working and personal relationships; I’ve realised just how accountable I am for my happiness and how to change my thinking and actions to live with more joy. Simultaneously she’s helped me clarify and understand what’s really important to me in life and how to make choices based on trust not fear. I’d definitely recommend coaching with Jo.

Catherine, Lawyer – London

Feminine, warm and understanding yet also strong and focused, Jo coaches from a wealth of understanding and experience that always helps me, my business and my employees grow. Her international insight, business experience, business development expertise and Self Awareness mentoring have been invaluable to us.

Mark, Business Owner – London

Working with Jo has enabled me to refocus on an important area of my work which I didn’t feel that I had time for, even though I knew I should be focusing on it. I have made so much progress with this particular business, including repackaging products, rewriting the website, setting financial targets, agreeing terms and responsibilities with my business partner, driving new business and getting new clients. It is amazing how powerful coaching/mentoring is! Thanks Jo!

Emily Fawell, Corporate Wellbeing (Vital Heath) – London

Coaching & Mentoring with Jo has been amazing. Working with her reassured me that, each week, I was closer to solving issues and moving forward in my business and family life.

I now work smarter and am happier in both. I also remember her kindness when I was bereaved; her interest in my overall well-being was truly genuine and so very lovely.

I recommend Jo very highly and am hoping that she will always have time to find a slot in the future to see me.

Veronica, Hydrotone Colonic – London

I decided to work with Jo just after I’d retired and am so thankful I did. My wife and I were having some ‘issues’; I had started to feel a bit lost and was unsure how to deal with that or what to do with my life moving forward. Jo was a life changer; she helped me understand what was happening and helped steer me to less choppy waters, she helped me discover new interests and friends as well as understand myself better, improve my marriage, increase my happiness and find new purpose. Today my wife and I are planning some new travel adventures and considering a life abroad. I couldn’t be happier.

Tom, Retired – Edinburgh

I highly recommend coaching with Jo; 
she will help you move forward with kindness and integrity whilst using the strength of her intelligence (and wisdom). Her extensive background in business, combined with her experience of wellbeing, yoga, energy and consciousness means you truly get the best of both worlds in coaching and mentoring – and an integrated experience. Sessions allow you to fully address issues yet leave you feeling secure, relaxed, positive and confident. Jo can help you create and build a happy, balanced life and future both practically and spiritually.

Felix, Tigersonic Studio – London

Jo is an absolute delight.  She is warm, engaging and lighthearted.  As a coach, Jo has the most extraordinary ability and insight to gently peel back the layers and truly get to the root of whatever may be causing you to feel stuck or out of your natural flow.  

I cannot recommend Jo highly enough and with her wealth of experience and natural caring touch you will be in very good and safe hands.